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High-Volume Project and Asset Management Platform

The Sitetracker platform helps cities and contractors deploy and operate distributed, connected infrastructure.
Sitetracker empowers cities and companies to build the future faster. Created by expert project managers, Sitetracker is the world’s first complete software platform for managing modern, high-volume distributed projects and assets everything from small cells and IoT sensors to solar panels and EV chargers. Leaders in telecommunications, utilities, and smart cities (such as Verizon, Intersection Media / LinkNYC, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, and Panasonic) rely on Sitetracker's platform to manage over 900,000 projects worldwide. Sitetracker offers a single real-time source of truth for internal and external stakeholders, repeatable smart project templates, collaborative trackers, on-site data/photo capture via Sitetracker Mobile, and unparalleled flexibility of reporting and configuration.
Sitetracker is a cloud-based project and asset management platform that provides cities, project managers, and vendors visibility into entire project portfolios, real-time reporting and forecasting, and scalable process improvement.
  • Intelligent Project Templates that automatically update as conditions change
  • Site-based management of assets, maintenance, permits, etc.
  • Application tracking for uses like co-location on city assets
  • Real-time reports, dashboards, and forecasting
  • Tools to easily update hundreds of projects at once
  • Mobile app for on-site updates by vendors and field workers
  • Document annotations and approvals
  • Analysis of financial, team, and vendor performance
  • Integrations with existing systems (ERP, CRM, GIS, etc.)
  • Mapping intelligence for internal and public-facing uses
  • Ongoing customer support and enhancements
  • Implementations that take weeks instead of months
  • Enterprise-grade security and access controls

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