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SkyeBrowse - Car Crash Forensics, Simplified with Autonomous Drones

Map out a car crash in 2 minutes using autonomous drones or your cell phone.
Every 2 seconds a car crashes. For major car crashes, police spend 2 hours taking physical measurements and 4 hours on average, each day, filling out paperwork. In addition, accident site reconstruction is dangerous, as the leading cause of police officer death is from being struck by a car.

Capt. Robert Hainje of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana says “Every four minutes of (road) closure you get mile backlog of traffic.”

SkyeBrowse uses autonomous drones to take the risk and inefficiency out of car crashes.

Bring your drone to the car crash, tap the crash on your mobile app, and tap "SkyeBrowse." The drone autonomously flies over, streams live video, and turns that video into a 3D model - in 2 minutes. Then, our software uses computer vision and machine learning to figure out who is at fault. We use that information to automatically populate the paperwork for police officers.
SkyeBrowse runs on your mobile device. Simply download the SkyeBrowse app and bring your DJI drone to the car crash. Opening your SkyeBrowse app allows full control of the drone. Fly the drone over the crash and tap "SkyeBrowse." The drone will map out the scene within a minute and upload the data to our CJIS compliant servers. You can view and take measurements on the 3D model at SkyeBrowse.com.

We also have a second platform called TerraBrowse. Record a video using your cell phone, and upload the video to our servers using the SkyeBrowse app. We'll create a 3D model of your phone recording within 2 minutes. You can view and take measurements on the 3D model at SkyeBrowse.com.

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