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Smart Cities Digital Infrastructure

Current's CityIQ(TM) IoT platform enables an open digital infrastructure that allows everyone to participate in urban innovation

Current is partnering up with city leaders to turn their ubiquitous lighting footprint into a digital infrastructure enabled by CityIQ. With future-proofed city in mind, CityIQ intelligent node embedded with many sensors, is extensible through over the air upgrades of analytics, connection to neighboring devices and in its ability to do multi-sensor fusion over a secure cloud connection. The node’s aesthetics allow seamless integration to a variety of streetscapes and sits elegantly on any street light pole. 
At the heart of CityIQ IoT platform, the intelligent cities API’s make the vast amount of sensor data actionable through the cloud.  These open, yet highly secured, API’s deliver real-time intelligence to cities allowing them to enhance their open data policies and begin civic engagement models. It connects citizens, the developer community, start-ups, and universities to transform the data into applications that drive new city services and improve citizens’ quality of life.    
The core feature of CityIQ is the ability to collect data from a ubiquitous network of sensors embedded in the intelligent nodes. The metadata from the sensors is collected from the edge and securely transmitted to the cloud. Once in the cloud, the data is available via open and interoperable. The APIs are constructed with the RESTful architecture and can be utilized to return the data streams of interest into a broad set of applications. Click here for the list of APIs.

Think of the possibilities for cities who leverage this open, interoperable IoT platform that captures real-time ubiquitous data. From reducing traffic congestion, driving new economic development and job creation to reducing gun violence and increasing pedestrian safety. With the ever-expanding ecosystem partners and the developer community, thousands of applications can be built to drive desired outcomes for cities. Explore the endless possibilities at the Innovation Apps Center.

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