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Smart City Engage

Unified Data Infrastructure and Analytics for Smart Cities
Smart City Engage is the world's first integrated Urban Intelligence, Insights and Collaboration Platform.

Smart City Engage bridges people and data to guide policymakers and citizens in making data-driven decisions that affect millions of citizens as well as respond to real-time insights of the city. The core platform handles: data integration, deep analytics, and making insights accessible to drive collaboration and data sharing across the city.

We’ve made Smart City analytics modular and turnkey by deriving predictive insights from both legacy data-sources, such as open data portals coupled with emerging sources, such as: sensors, mobile devices and smart infrastructure.
Smart City integrates across multiple sources of data, bringing together disparate information into a unified quantitative analysis environment. By building a platform that is interoperable across cities, we create a new double sided network for both cities to consume and developers to distribute applications. Engage will thus become a real-time data pipeline for the planet, with the ability for anyone to plug into the common interface and architecture.

Enage's interactive user interface brings abstractions to life in the form of rich visualizations. The visualizations update in real-time with the source data, so the users always see the most accurate and current information at any given time.

Our platform is designed from the ground up to be extensible at every layer. From low-level data integration, custom metrics, to building custom user interfaces to implement specific workflows, it has been built as a fundamentally open system.

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