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Smart Irrigation - OrbisMesh

Powering real time data-driven irrigation with IoT Bluetooth mesh sensors.
Orbis offers full-service solutions from custom sensor hardware to end mobile interfaces. Our signature smart irrigation system has applications ranging from public parks irrigation and agriculture to climate and air quality monitoring. Smart irrigation has proven to increase water conservation by up to 25% as well as drive monetary savings. As compared to fiber optics or WiFi based solutions, our Bluetooth mesh solution is completely wireless, low power, and significantly more affordable.

  • Completely wireless sensor nodes
  • Customizable hardware, comes default with temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors
  • Sensor nodes IP67 waterproof
  • Completely wireless sensors
  • Cloud-based analytics

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Can your system be used for leak detection on municipal water systems?

Our system should be able do the job of leak detection. Our hardware is rated IP67 waterproof and comes default with temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors. We can also work with clients to customize it with additional sensors as needed.