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Smart Parking System

PE Parking Sensor provides a cost effective and reliable way to detect if a parking space is occupied by a vehicle
PE Smart Urban Network allows municipalities to remotely monitor and control parking facilities, collecting and taking advantage of a full range of parking-related data, such as the number of available lots in a specific area, the duration of each parking and possible abuses (ie. vehicles exceeding time limits, unauthorized parking in disabled spots or in electrical vehicle charging stations, etc.).

The solution opens the opportunity to launch additional services by collaborating with third parties. For instance, the Smart Parking mobile app could be enriched with toll payment features and online booking services, while local shops and businesses could be given the possibility to offer parking coupons and valet services, or reserve spaces for their own customers
Vehicle Detection Accuracy

Battery Life
Up to 10 years

Radio Communication
- Self Configuration, multi-hop and self healing networking protocol
- Radio communication availability above 99%

Radio Frequencies
- 868MHz, 915MHz, 920MHz

Communication Range
50m to A4 Sensor
30m to B4 Sensor
100m to R4 Repeater
100m to G4 Gateway

Protection Grade - IP68

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