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Snap Schedule 365

Online workforce management software with advanced scheduling, time & attendance, callout, employee engagement, and automated compliance
Snap Schedule 365 takes the hassle out of workforce management. Available online 24/7, Snap Schedule 365 helps organizations streamline shift assignments, build and publish conforming schedules, and make informed decisions with accurate data and comprehensive reports.
Snap Schedule 365 speeds up the scheduling processes and makes it easy to track staff assignments, attendance, leave requests, and overtime. It eliminates scheduling conflicts, minimizes over/under-staffing, and tracks employee qualifications to schedule the right person with the right skills in the right place at the right time. Snap Schedule 365 also helps organizations comply with union rules and labor agreements, including call out, offering open shift, overtime, premium pay to person with the right seniority and qualifications. Managers can fill open shifts or find a replacement employee quickly based on a number of criteria including position, skill, availability, seniority, and cost.
  • Drag & drop and auto scheduling with multiple schedule views
  • Multi-location, shift-based, task-based, skill-based, and position-based scheduling
  • Rules-based automated callout, assignment of overtime, and notification
  • Real-time scheduling conflicts detection
  • Select best available employees to fill a shift based on employee’s labor cost, current work load, skills, seniority, and other criteria
  • Employee information management
  • Attendance tracking and labor cost controls
  • Employees can access their schedules online, receive notifications, request time off, bid on open shifts, trade shifts, punch in/out, view time cards, update their availability, and more 
  • Flexible reporting engine with 60+ built-in standard reports
  • Multi-user, role-based access control
  • Open API for integration with payroll and HR systems 
  • Runs in a Web browser on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops with no download, no installation
  • Android and iOS App available for employee access

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