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Soofa Sign

The 100% solar-powered, all-in-one solution for city communication and wayfinding.
Communities of all sizes use Soofa Signs to increase equity of access to relevant local updates and news. The instant and flexible messaging allows municipalities to share PSAs and community updates in real time.

Soofa Signs automatically share city social posts, transit updates, and emergency alerts in real time, so you can save time and reach more constituents.

  • Solar-powered digital signage with a 42" electronic paper display
  • Apps for real-time community updates, transit information, advertising and more
  • Installation and maintenance covered by Soofa; easy to install, with just four bolts into any concrete surface. No excavation required.

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Do you have a model where Soofa pays the up front cost of installation for the sign?

Yes, that is our primary business model. Depending on the scope of the installation we can either pay the upfront cost fully or set up a co-investment plan.

What is the rate of the revenue share once the up front costs are paid off?

Revenue share will depend on the size of the installation (number of units) and locations of those units (to determine an estimation of advertising revenue potential per year). Revenue share percentage will also depend on the type of airtime share you would like. Our typical revenue and airtime share model is 20% and 20%, respectively.

    • Women Owned Business
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    24 Thorndike St Cambridge, MA 02141

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