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Make the most of your files with our highly secure and extensible document management solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Easily drag & drop files, use types, tag, and create custom fields to classify and report on documents. Auto-tag readable documents and images and integrate multiple document management systems. DMX integrates with Dynamics 365 Annotations, Azure Blob Storage and SharePoint for simple setup.
Features Include:
  • Application Document Management System
  • Drag and Drop Files to Upload 
  • Manual Tagging and Classification of Documents
  • Set upload size limits by entity
  • Track and monitor Documents by required Types and Business Process Stages.
  • Auto-Tagging of PDFs based on preset keywords
  • Auto-Tagging of Images based on preset keywords using Azure Cognitive Services. Requires Azure Subscription.
  • Easily build reports based on required document types and tags.
  • Use custom fields to track additional metadata for documents.
  • Works in the Dynamics 365 Mobile App for iOS and Android

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