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Ecolane provides scheduling and dispatching software for paratransit, NEMT, and other forward-thinking transit agencies.
Ecolane DRT is an intuitive, web-based scheduling and dispatching solution designed to meet the complex needs of transit agencies of all sizes. It enables agencies to better serve their communities using their existing resources through software automation and continuous real-time optimization. Significant productivity gains are realized with increases in on-time performance (OTP) and rides per hour (RPH). With the Ecolane DRT solution, agencies are able to meet the increasing demand for transportation in an industry where costs are rising.
Ecolane incorporates a flexible set of features that can be used to create a scheduling solution tailored to an individual agency’s needs. These features include:

For Providers

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Mobile data tablets (MDTs) in vehicles
  • Real-time automated dispatching and monitoring
  • Provider run, vehicle and driver management
  • Client management
  • Trip reservations
  • Trip groups
  • Funding and billing management
  • Flexible service configurations
  • User administration
  • Reporting
  • Advanced traveler information
  • Telephony integration
  • Center management (senior centers and workshops)
  • Pre and post-trip inspection
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Electronic data exchange (EDI) for eligibility and billing communications with external systems

For Clients

  • Self-service (online scheduling portal and mobile app)
  • Prepaid balance
  • External payment methods
  • Feedback tool

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