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FilmApp and EventApp

Permitting platform for on-location filming and special events
When working with local authorities to obtain permits, Filmmakers who deal with next-level CGI expect more than incomprehensible paper forms that need to be posted back. Events operators managing productions from their smartphones will go elsewhere if councils don't keep up with their fast paced industries.

The problem is film and special events department heads and City Managers are not generally well positioned to write up a technical specification to move a paper-based permitting process online.

Why attempt to draft up – and finance – a custom specification when the knowledge and skills of so many others, developed over many years, and continually improving, is made available by a SaaS provider who is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for this type of permitting? 

Our company was born out of a need to provide unified film permitting across London. We understand digital transformation has to deliver improved productivity, as well as better services, at lower costs.

Contact us to find out how being practical and collaborative allows us to deliver affordable and future-proof government technology.
Provide an excellent service
The Apply4 platform streamlines complex workflows, allowing you to manage more applications, with lower costs. Applicants can access your systems from mobile devices. Payments are made online and are immediately visible, allowing you to issue a permit as soon as payment has been made.
Enjoy excellent resident relations
Our systems store stakeholders contacts, allowing you to notify at the touch of a button. Residents are more likely to support location flming and local events if they have been consulted.
Demonstrate excellent value
Our platform is delivered on a low-cost subscription basis, or free to you and funded at low cost by your clients. Automatic upgrades protect your system from obsolescence. Real-time data proving the value of your service is visible, and captured into reports at one click.

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