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eCab: Turn-Key First/Last Mile Microtransit Solution via Electric Vehicles

eCab solves the First/Last mile problem by connecting people to public transit and the urban environment while reducing auto congestion
eCab, provides urban mobility solutions using fleets of fully electric vehicles. With V2X and IoT-enabled technology, eCab solves the ever-elusive last mile mobility problem through the belief that access to mobility promotes economic stability.

eCab is changing the way people get around cities. By leveraging zero-emissions low-speed vehicles, eCab fleets complement existing mass transit systems to help people circumnavigate dense urban cores, corporate campuses, universities, medical campuses, and communities.
  • Data analytics
  • Connected fleets
  • IoT compatible
  • Fully telematic
  • Data aggregation platform
Real-time ridership data collection enables analytics
Route Optimization Commuting patterns (origin, destination, timestamp)
Completely customizable to customer’s needs

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    • Small Business Designation
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    5011 E Cesar Chavez St Austin, TX 78702

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