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UrbanFootprint streamlines land use and mobility planning decisions with actionable data for all U.S. locations.
UrbanFootprint gets you quick answers to complex questions.  With its parcel-based land use data with over 890 environmental, social, and mobility datasets, you can assess existing conditions with advanced query and mapping features that bring geospatial data science tools to everyone.Step up your proposal game or simply craft stunning maps with UrbanFootprint’s best-in-class data visualization.  Search any U.S. location to create a map in seconds using thousands of curated datasets for quick location insights.UrbanFootprint’s scenario building capabilities allow you to build and test future alternatives.  Need to understand the impacts of land use changes or mobility investments? Create future scenarios with our built-in land use libraries and easy-to-use toolset.Wrap up your work and analyze the impacts and benefits to understand current and future plan impacts in terms of emissions, accessibility, mobility, risk and resilience, water use, energy use, conservation and more.

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