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ViewPoint Cloud

User Friendly Permitting & Licensing for Modern Governments
With ViewPoint Cloud, you can adapt any citizen service process to allow online submission, routing, approvals, payments, and document issuance, all from a centralized digital record. Its intelligent workflow engine takes all of the manual work out of processing a citizen request or internal directive. And with built-in activity feeds, departments get a whole new way to see what’s going on around them, and what requires their attention.

ViewPoint Cloud is built on a modern technology framework, so it’s lightning-fast and plays nice with other modern cloud systems. It’s professionally-designed, so buttons, fields, and features are just where you’d expect. And it’s modular, so simple permits and complex, multi-stage projects all follow one uniform framework. ViewPoint Cloud’s powerful reporting engine makes it easy to generate predetermined or custom-built performance reports.

The future of government is here, and it looks like this.
ViewPoint Cloud is a cloud-based, vendor-hosted system.

Client-side application use requires a modern web browser that supports HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. This includes Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10+.

Data is backed up and geo-replicated in real time on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform to allow for seamless disaster recovery.

System upgrades are delivered periodically to client environments over-the-air, with no maintenance necessary by client IT staff.

System Architecture

  • Client Side: HTML5 and Javascript Web Frameworks

  • API: ViewPoint Logic & Data APIs, Rapid Search Service, and Secure Access Service

  • Database: Microsoft SQL and File Storage, backed up continuously

  • Infrastructure: Microsoft Cloud nationwide data center network

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