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VIMOC neuBox™ Data Utility Computing Node

A network of neuBoxes™ strengthens an IoT infrastructure by absorbing the load of sensor data processing before passing it to the cloud.
VIMOC has introduced Landscape Computing -- an open, distributed solution which captures and processes large amounts of citywide sensor data in near real-time by extending cloud computing to the edge of the network. Our Landscape Computing platform is designed for sensor-basedSmart Infrastructure applications such as traffic monitoring (vehicle, bike and pedestrian), parking, environmental, or energy. Scaling easily from pilot project to large deployments, VIMOC delivers tangible benefits to cities, campuses, and other areas seeking a single, standards-based platform to run all of their data-centric applications.  Customers will experience improved resource management, higher operational efficiency, data-driven revenue generation opportunities, and improved citizen interaction.     
neuBox™ supports different protocols including ZigBee, LoRa and LTE, as well as vision sensors. neuBox is sensor agnostic and enables different applications without restricting customers to only use proprietary products. Landscape Computing enabled by the neuBox™ is open to integrating new IoT devices as they rapidly emerge. neuBox™ supports VIMOC’s optimized software stack seamlessly, forming an end-to-end platform for complementary cloud and edge computing.

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