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Wrong Way Driver detection - Dallas

Identifies wrong way drivers, validates, and automatically alerts all appropriate authorities.
  1. Real-Time Wrong Way Driver & Safety Alerts
With real-time safety Alerts, drivers can be notified of incidents that have occurred and adjust their route accordingly to ensure the most efficient and safe trip. Providing notifications to accident responders more quickly gives them more time to report to accident locations. MetroTech’s low latency (0-60 seconds) rivals all in the industry. 
Provide consumers of traffic data (TMC, First Responder, and General Public) with Alerts signaling a traffic incident within a specific radius of their location by use of geo-fencing.  Alerts are directly messaged to wireless service providers, TMC’s, and first responders for immediate distribution and utilization with users.
       Wrong Way Driver (primary)
The MetroTech WWD solution is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering that has a physical footprint in a client’s environment via the WWD/Video Analytics Server (VAS). The WWD/VAS typically resides in co-location with the clients Video Server infrastructure so that the WWD/VAS can ingest the video streams of the cameras chosen and perform on-site analytics that are then sent to the MTN cloud based infrastructure.

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