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Population: 12,802,023 / Governor J.B. Pritzker

The State of Illinois is actively engaged in its goal of becoming the first Smart State in the nation -- a Smart State where all citizens, whether rural or urban, benefit from technological advances that improve quality of life and provide optimal use of resources. Illinois actively helps local governments stay competitive and supports the development of smart cities and communities around the state.

Featured Programs

  • The State of Illinois is actively engaged in the goal of becoming the first Smart State in the nation, as part of the state’s digital transformation effort. Impressive progress is being made, while ambitious goals remain. ​

  • ​The Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) is providing municipalities with turnkey options to upgrade street lighting systems for improved functionality and efficiency. With a networked street lighting architecture, backhaul communications, street light real estate and available power, the necessary components are in place for a municipality to implement additional quality of life enhancing applications and services such as vehicle and pedestrian occupancy sensors, cameras, environmental sensors, small cell antennas, audio speakers and smart parking.

  • The new Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) SmartRoad is designed to deliver real-time information to drivers to provide safer, more efficient travel. The Tollway’s investment in the corridor serves customers today and enables flexibility for the future.

  • Illinois officials launched a four-year plan, dubbed the Illinois Smarter State initiative, to improve the state’s IT performance.The problems facing Illinois had been compounded by the way the State’s IT systems had evolved. Over the years, government technology platforms became increasingly sophisticated, but they had also became more disconnected.Using the SAP Cloud gives the state a scalable architecture, capable of meeting aggressive timelines in a cost-effective manner. It provides organizations with the chance to discard inefficient legacy systems, and think in new ways about how to revamp operational and business models.

  • Illinois Open Data Portal lets you find data across state, find facts about your state, lets you create maps and graphs, and lets you freely download the data for your own analysis. Many of these datasets are updated daily, and some even more often.

  • The goal of the initiative is to determine if this groundbreaking technology can be leveraged to create more efficient, integrated and trusted state services, while providing a welcoming environment for the Blockchain community. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology has the potential to transform the delivery of public and private services, redefine the relationship between government and the citizen in terms of data sharing, transparency and trust, and make a leading contribution to the State’s digital transformation.

  • ComEd is testing an electric car service in Bronzeville that will offer seniors a low-cost and emission-free way of getting around the neighborhood.

    ComEd has partnered with the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership (BCDP) and Innova EV to launch this new service at the TRC Senior Village on East 53rd Street. The pilot is part of ComEd's Community of the Future initiative in Bronzeville, where it's collaborating with residents of the Chicago South Side neighborhood to explore how to leverage smart grid technology and related services to enhance everyday life.

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