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ACD-200 Bobcat Air Sampler

The Bobcat is a light-weight, portable, dry filter air sampler for monitoring airborne bacteria, and viruses, including coronavirus.
The ADC-200 Bobcat™ is a small lightweight and portable dry filter air sampler with a built-in tripod that actively collects viruses, bacteria and fungal spores onto a dry electret filter with an active airflow of 100 LPM to 200 LPM.

Sample recovery from the filter takes just seconds and results in a concentrated liquid sample of 6 mL that is ready for analysis using PCR or other molecular methods.

The Bobcat can run up to 12 hours on battery power or can plug into wall power.
  • Lightweight, only 7.8 lbs with battery
  • Built-in tripod
  • Omni-directional aerosol inlet
  • Built-in mass flow sensor for consistent sampling rates up to 200 LPM
  • 4 programmable run modes allow the user to balance collection rate with battery life. Run modes can be factory customized for flow rate and time intervals.
  • Disposable, Single-use filter and elutor components - no need for decontamination
  • No liquids in the collector allow for use in extreme temperatures
  • Eluting captured particles from the filter takes only seconds
  • Rugged design for durability

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