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Automated Seamless Movement Intelligence

Unifi.id seamless movement intelligence is the scalable solution to deliver greater security, safety & efficiencies for Smarter Buildings.
At unifi.id our purpose is to improve the insights of building occupancy while making life easier for facilities and security building managers. Our systems monitor the movement of every individual within a building in real-time, delivering a system that give managers the tools to report the location of every occupant, individually, automatically, and at scale, automating actions and reactive alerts to users and systems within the building, allowing managers to draw insights and make better business decisions. We increase safety systems and Fire evacuation systems by showing high risk areas, identifying problems in evacuations, our real-time web portal allows fire marshals and emergency services to see the number of people on each floor, and how the building is evacuating.
Our approach is to deliver triggering alerts based on an individual`s movement. Our cutting-edge RFID platforms have been developed to enable rapid deployment, real-time analysis and multiple communication options, making unifi.id the only company in the world to have created such a unique and capable device, given the complexity involved will enjoy a long period of exclusivity on the market, ensuring near 100% adoption with comprehensive and meaningful data capture. Unlike other solutions unifi.id`s movement intelligence is an automatic, seamless, individual, comprehensive, duration and universal platform. It gathers data all the time with zero effort, saving time, and creates better user experience than an access card, registering an app, battery limitations, adoption barriers, or signing in to Wi-Fi.

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