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Building Environment Air Sensor Kit

HereLab's Place Kit environment sensor provides real time and historical information on temperature, humidity and CO2
ENV Place Kit

The ENV Board – Place Kit includes all the headers required for your own mDot, a BME280, a screw mount for a CO2 sensor (and other I2C bus sensors). Included: ENV Board, Headers ‘n Bits, BME280, CO2 or PIR sensors, mDot, starter code & an antenna.

Most any environmental sensor can be connected to our ENV Board

The ENV Place Kit includes the board with headers, mDot microprocessor radio, and BME280, CO2 or PIR sensors, starter code and an antenna. It does not include a battery or an enclosure.

Our "Air" sensor kit can detect and send real time data about built space environments. On board temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Combined with CO2 and other gas and volatiles Air sensors can detect, measure and help manage the quality of air in commercial, municipal and public buildings.

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