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Software-as-a-Service to engage stakeholders across infrastructure projects.

Civy is a two-sided mobile platform to enable and improve community engagement across infrastructure projects (large or small)
A two-sided mobile platform, Civy adopts a 'back-to-basics' approach via its free registration, and easy to use dashboard. The problem Civy aims to solve is to improve two-way communication and engagement across cities, governments, and residents; across all types of infrastructure projects. Back-to-basics mindset is driven by the need to be user-centric, cutting through the fancy tech-features and giving people an easy means to 'have their voice, crowdsource ideas from them, and enable faster feedback directly on the project loaded in Civy. In this era of privacy matters, Civy is also the only dedicated infrastructure platform, which strives to get people engaging on it positively and constructively. At the same time, Civy also strives to have its government and city clients, load and explain a project case, and broadcast it to its communities for their feedback and ideas. The broadcast feature also allows sharing across Facebook and Twitter.
Platform is FREE to REGISTER and USE. NO PAYMENT details required.
  •  Add to Civy & share your proposed projects for feedback from your residents. Share with one click across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  •  Ask targeted questions (a survey) for each project with the option for the public to vote; also allows open comments.
  • Increase participation rates by reaching a larger audience.
  • Enable live-feedback and generate new ideas from your residents.
  •   Civy is independent of all vested interests.
Civy's monthly, quarterly and annual subscription OPTIMIZES BACK-OFFICE. 
  • Download analytics report on-demand for monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.
  •  Increase your back-office productivity by reducing time-spent on collating and analyzing data from other platforms.
  • Reduce costs by 25-35% (based on intel gathered through our consultations with cities and government agencies in US).  
  • Convenient and single repository for all public responses relating to your infrastructure projects. 

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