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Decision Tree Generator

Improve engagement and clarity with easy to navigate, custom, embeddable decision trees on your website
Does your process, application, or eligibility procedure confuse citizens? Do you explain them on text-dense webpages? Are you fielding seemingly unnecessary calls from confused citizens? Our Custom Decision Tree Generator is the solution for you.

Developed by an educator, GovTrails' Custom Decision Trees are intended to leverage research-backed understanding of how people process lengthy or complex processes. Cognitive Load Theory, has been used for decades by instructional designers to help educators explain complex concepts to students and now its central principles are being used by us to help local government do the same.

Our custom decision tree generator allows you to develop trees for your website without coding knowledge. You're free to edit, change, clarify on the fly as you see fit. It's as simple as click and paste to get your tree built.

Each user gets a license to develop unlimited decision trees.

When you're ready, you can publish the tree and use an embed code to implement within your existing webpage.

Documentation supports the creation of the decision trees which is done through point and click by the user without the need for custom code. You can edit them on the fly.

Are your webpages so text dense they become like indecipherable code? What process does your staff struggle with? Which one leads to the most constituent phone calls? Opportunities exist within Economic Development, Zoning and Development, Revenue Offices.

Useful not only for citizens, but also for internal departments as well. Does your HR team have complicated eligibility processes that are challenging to explain? Could your internal call center or customer service line be more empowered to help citizens?

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