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A modular, proven transportation platform currently serving over 28 major metropolitan areas worldwide.

A smart city needs to proactively respond to the changing needs of people, vehicles, public transportation, and physical infrastructure using technology designed to improve mobility.

Parsons' has 30 years of experience deploying advanced traffic management and integrated corridor management systems in major transportation markets around the world (including Atlanta; Southern California; Hong Kong; New York, and Ontario, Canada).  Our INTELLIGENT NETWORKS® solution includes 28 modules that can be integrated to work with existing control centers, signal systems, and onboard units. In addition, we offer customizable solutions that allow ATMS solutions to serve as the backbone of regional smart city solutions (including transit, emergency management, and street lighting.)

Parsons understands how to integrate new capabilities into existing regional systems, and offers one-stop convenience in the planning, design, and implementation of regional transportation solutions.


28 modules; see brochure for details

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    10 S Riverside Plaza Chicago, IL 60606

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