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Content Engagement for Civic Projects
For community leaders in government agencies, non-profits or consultancies who need buy-in to tackle complex challenges, Konveio offers a content engagement solution that makes long-form content approachable, understandable and easy to respond to by blending draft review, interactive publishing and stakeholder communication features in ways that drive change.

For those dealing with public and stakeholder meeting cancelations and transitioning to remote engagement due to COVID-19, Konveio is here to help. We are offering free access to or expanded usage of our online stakeholder engagement tools through April 30th, 2020 to any organization that needs it. Build one-page digital workshops online to share meeting information, embed live-streamed presentations, and collect feedback directly on your poster boards or other materials.
Document Viewer
Simply upload your PDF and embed your Konveio social document directly into your website.

Faster Reading
Visitors can start reading your document before it’s fully downloaded.

Interactive Overlays
Add content that doesn’t fit into PDFs, like zoomable maps, videos, glossary or links to more information.

Visual Summaries
Create visual overview pages to summarize information and provide quick access to relevant content.

Collect Comments
Ask for detailed feedback with in-line commenting

Manage Feedback
Facilitate and make sense of comments using artificial intelligence and advanced moderation features.

Surveys and Maps
Ask questions, collect pledges, map places or sign up volunteers directly from your document.

Responsive Design
Works on any device.

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