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Mobi Social Distancing Insights (SDI)

Mobi is equipping governments with insights on the movement of people and gathering of crowds to slow the spread of the covid-19 virus.
In response to the current covid-19 pandemic, Mobi has developed a SaaS-based social distancing analytics tool delivering insights to state and local governments regarding the movement of people and formation of crowds in their respective jurisdictions, down to the neighborhood, zip-code, or police zone level. The tool is powered by anonymized and aggregated location data sourced from both cellular network and mobile apps, thereby providing the most accurate and complete location data-set available to governments to combat the spread of the virus. These dashboards have been tailored for:
- City Mayors/Cabinet Members - accurately measure to what extent a given population is following "shelter-in-place" orders and social distancing guidelines down to the neighborhood level.
- Public Safety Officials/Joint Operations Centers - understand trends related to where people are moving and receive alerts when large crowds form in near real-time so actions can be take to investigate further.
The Mobi Social Distancing Analytics (SDA) dashboards are hosted on MSFT Azure Cloud and developed on MSFT PowerBI. The solution is being offered as a SaaS solution so only an internet connection is required to utilize the platform.

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