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PLANet - intelligent street lighting for smart cities

Future-proof your investment in LED streetlights with PLANet: 1M lights deployed, a proven business case and a free wireless IoT network
Introducing Telensa PLANet
Adding wireless remote control for your street, roadway and area lighting makes financial sense, whether you are switching to LED or retro-fitting to existing fixtures.  With remote control, you can save energy by only using the precise amount of light you need and by accurately measuring every watt used. You can cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and by using detailed operational intelligence to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning. Telensa is the world’s #1 outdoor lighting control system, with one million telecells around the world. Our long-range low-power radio system offers the easiest deployment, we are compatible with all of the leading lighting manufacturers, and we integrate easily with other systems. What’s more, Telensa is at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling you to add smart city sensors to your streetlights, and to add smart city applications, such as parking, to your Telensa remote control network.   

Solution components
Telecells - Compact (2.5") wireless nodes that plug into each streetlight
  • 5,000 telecells per base station
  • Very low power consumption (0.8W)
  • Works autonomously without network
  • Fixture independent, including discreet decorative options
  • ANSI-certified metering and GPS positioning built-in

UNB base stations - laptop-sized units that cover entire cities in days
  • Range 6+ miles
  • Minimal data costs
  • Simple light pole installation
  • Cellular or IP backhaul
  • Options to connect sensors, such as traffic volume, parking occupancy or air quality

Central Management System (CMS)
  • Map-based control programs that visualize the whole city
  • Scales to millions of lights and other assets
  • Integration options for asset management, metering and billing systems
  • Programs can be automatically overridden by sensor data, such as traffic volume
  • Proven integration with city data platforms to exchange data.

Telensa PLANet is the world’s favorite smart streetlight solution with a global footprint of over one million lights. The system pays for itself in energy and maintenance savings, and provides lifetime remote control of the lit environment. The solution includes Telensa UNB, the long-range low-power wireless network that provides a platform for city-wide multi-sensor applications, all covered by the street lighting cost savings.

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