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Interactive Text Alerts

A free interactive pandemic response tool for #LocalGov to send residents updates via text message
Local governments can use Citibot’s Interactive Text Alerts (SMS) to send citizens interactive text messages with updates regarding COVID-19 free of charge for 60 days during the projected peak of the spread of COVID-19.

What makes this unique:
  • Citibot is interactive. Residents have the option to reply to a notification and enter into a live chat with county government through our interface.
  • Our AI technology enables residents to ask questions to the push notification number and Citibot’s web crawler will pull the answer from the county website, responding back to that resident immediately.
  • Citibot is bi-lingual. During our opt-in process, residents set their language preferences to receive push SMS messages in English and/or Spanish.
  • Citibot integrates into Trello or other CRM solutions. Our "free agent" software platform is not tied to any one back-end solution.
Features of Citibot’s Interactive Text Alerts include:
  • Real time updates from municipalities directly to their residents
  • Interactive platform for citizens to send questions back to city/county staff if needed
  • Marketing support to help local governments promote the service to all residents

Your data is protected:
Citibot retains the conversational data using the AWS S3 cloud storage system, which is very securitized per AWS requirements.

Communication data is stored indefinitely or as per state Freedom of Information Act Requirements mandate.

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