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Real-time Spatial Intelligence by Pathr.ai

Actionable insights and help guide live interactions that matter most for your city as they take place.
We are the industry's first and only spatial intelligence platform that evaluates the way that people and objects move through, and interact within, their physical environment (such as a retail store, entertainment venue, or public space)

  • Visualize analytics that matter most to you in real time
  • Understand the way people and objects interact
  • Protect people's privacy by using our completely anonymous location data analysis
  • Repurpose existing cameras and sensors to glean deeper insights with no additional hardware or components
Spatial Intelligence provides information and insights about the movement of people and objects through physical spaces in real time—connecting the implications of that movement to actual business results.

Pathr™ is different from any other data analytics provider on the market today. It’s a unique and entirely new anonymous location data-driven behavior engine, and the only Spatial Intelligence platform of its kind on the market.

  • Anonymous: Pathr™ uses 100% anonymous location data—people movement is represented only as a “dot” on a digital interface
  • Agnostic: Pathr™ is source agnostic and connects location data to specific use cases
  • Easy Deployment: Pathr™ is deployment agnostic—and works with a variety of existing sensors and surveillance systems providers
  • Scalable: Unlike an app, Pathr is a full-service integrated platform--scalable and modular for a variety of applications

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How are the analytics done in real time?

Once your tailor made analytics are built, we then deploy them in the field to be able to return real-time results back to you, so that you can better guide live interactions that matter most to you.

Is Pathr GDPR compliant?

Yes, Pathr is GDPR compliant, since the data stored in our systems are anonymous coordinates and timestamps, and are therefore not considered personally identifiable information (PII).

How would I consume the analysis?

After creating tailor built analytics for your specific use case, the analysis can then be consumed through visualizations on dashboards, sent to you via industry visualization tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft PowerBI.

Do I need to purchase new cameras, sensors and processing systems?

Not necessarily. Our solution is source-agnostic, meaning it works with a variety of existing sensors and video systems providers.

How is the Pathr analysis anonymous?

Movement is represented only as a “dot” on a digital interface. This “dot” is not personally identifiable information (PII) and is stored as anonymous coordinates and timestamps. We do not retain data that can de-anonymize coordinate data.