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Resonance AI Makes The IoT Smarter

Resonance AI gives companies the power of a predictive context-awareness to their digital products.
Company Mission
Atooma is willing to offer companies a fast lane to disrupt the IoE (Internet of Everything) space. We developed Resonance AI to finally make them able to leverage the IoE and Big Data capabilities, and offer a magic UX with proactive & valuable solutions.We believe that a great UX is a continuous process, that starts even before that the product is launched into the market. That’s why we provide companies an intuitive web console which helps them to re-design their digital products in a seamless way being able to check the overall process anytime thanks to our aggregated analytics.With us, our customers will marry a user-centered approach, able to build the IoE around their users, an essential step to guarantee IoE products scalability.
Resonance AI SDK makes IoT products smarter. It is an IoT platform that makes companies able to re-design their products with a predictive context-awareness. The artificial intelligence learns users habits in order to make things able to deliver proactive automations based on their lives. From connected cars, throughout the insurance industry, to the smart home, Resonance AI makes the IoT smarter and gives an edge to company’s digital strategy by saving 60% of the time needed to land on market.

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