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Satellite-derived leak map for underground drinking water pipes

Reduce time and effort to find undetected leaks using this pinpointing technology
Utilis works with each utility to craft a service plan that matches their budget and desired frequency of coverage. Utilis can normally cover an entire service area in one satellite overpass, and in a matter of days provide a set of locations for the utility (or external field crew) to investigate using traditional acoustic methods of verification to exactly pinpoint the leak and follow-up with a repair. The points of interest are displayed in user-friendly GIS maps, with the ability to sync with the in-house GIS system, or to be used independently.
The customer will provide their area of interest. Utilis will then prepare a map with areas of potential leaks that must be investigated by either the Utility leak detection team, or a team provided by a third party contractor (Utilis can recommend). The maps are provided via a GIS file or as a map image for printing.

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