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Easy to set up and use Asset Management with No Monthly Fees or software.
Compressed air users and firefighters (Emergency Service) need to document monthly, quarterly and yearly inspections of their SCUBA gear and fire hoses. Slates can be used to document the inspection and allow the inspector to view a web portal and sort by inspection date and document any repairs. easy to use with Iphone app and website access
Your assets are out there in the world, and the information you need about those assets is out there too- right now it's written down in log books, spreadsheets, photos, etc.... Keeping that information relevant, connected, and up-to-date is a challenge. Slates are the modern reincarnation of the log book that can be updated live at the source and in the cloud simultaneously with The Slate Pages™ app, ensuring that information stays with your assets and is always readily accessible.

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