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Smart City Innovation / Demo / Experience Center Build

The focus is on the positive elements being built and the smart developments that lie ahead while acting as a bridge and link of resources.

Innovation Experience Center

ISoftStone Smart City Innovation Experience Center uses the Internet + technology to create a new generation of interactive media experience & communication platform, which is different from traditional urban exhibition and planning centers. Its visualization, representing invisible top-level planning ideas and real-time dynamic construction achievements, can do professional technical demonstrations and exchange and transfer, thus promoting industrial upgrading and establishing a two-way interactive communication and media platform thereby creating a Smart City brand. As a result, it will link public interfaces of industry, academia, research and innovation. Meanwhile, it is also the entrance where city dwellers can experience life, information consumption, and application services of Smart Cities -- the carrier which accesses, integrates and transforms resources and connects different groups of city dwellers to build a better urban life.
An Innovation Experience Center is a high standard, professionally focused ‘scene’ of Smart City, which is able to mobilize the positive elements of the whole society to promote the construction of Smart City; to crack intellectual challenges faced by cities; to build technology demonstrations; to act as an innovation and entrepreneurship service platform and to achieve effective resources’ docking and communication -- a bridge and link of resources.
Not only can it promote the development and resources docking and effective communication of a Smart City, it also has a strong stimulating effect on regional and sectorial economic development.

n   To promote Construction Exhibition : Show how Smart City can improve government management capacity and its service levels; exemplify how to make the urban environment more livable ;
n   To promote production: to illustrate the advantages of Smart City in optimizing urban industrial structure and its leading role of innovation and development;
n   To share its experience in establishing itself as a Smart City:  to build a livable, workable and safe urban life according to the principles of Smart City which aim to bring convenience and benefit to the public.

Functional Orientation
Smart city and emerging industries can achieve cross-border innovation and integration of resources, promote the development of new industries and transfer new innovative technology.  It will build the below platforms based on its target of band creation, information sharing, and experience sharing balance supply and demand, resource aggregation, and interactive universal.
n   MediaBuild smart city to show the urban planning and dynamic results obtained from understanding and recognition of all levels of citizens. Reaching consensus thinking to gain more speaking authorization.
n   Sharing PlatformEncourage people to participate, experience and evaluate the achievement of smart city and enjoy smart city life.
n   Demonstration Platform: To make the center of industrial upgrade via demonstrating new technologies, introducing cutting-edge technology and encouraging technology transfer.
n   Activity PlatformTo build smart city the best communication space via Innovation Experience Open Days, workshops, seminars, press conferences, training and other activities in the planning, organization and implementation.
n   Innovation PlatformAchieving resource integration innovation, joint universities, institutions and individuals to provide dual interface to create, create an atmosphere to attract and retain businesses through smart city platform, and to promote the prosperity and development of innovative economy.
n   Investment platformFocus to show the smart city construction planning and top brand visual language through centralized, construction achievement, vision, natural resources, history, culture, investment projects, preferential policies, etc., the starting point to create a smart city resources, to create "experience mode" brand and the city card .

ISoftStone’s Smart City Innovation Experience -- Solutions Center is good at data connection and sharing among multi-pavilions when planning its experiencing center and applying its creativeness. It also has a one-key-replacement operation management systems for content and situations.
 Five Essential Elements of Smart City Innovation Center
n   Internet + " Custom Experience
n   Internet exchange platform
n   One-click " Control Operations Platform
n   Cross-platform digital content creation systems
n   Operating system data visualization experience
ISoftStone Smart City Experience Center provides one-stop service:

n   Innovative design concept         
Adhering to the concept of " exploration, experience sharing"  together with "Low carbon environmental protection, people-oriented”, we want to make sure each Smart City experience center becomes a miniature version of the city’s future Smart City with information security, sustainable development and low-carbon energy.
n   Powerful Solutions Competency                      

With a very strong professional team, we provide a multi-angle, multi-role and multi context solutions which are designed by fully considering external resources status, satisfying local technical Standards & Frameworks and meeting the requirement and target.
n  Sophisticated operations and management system   
With leading interactive display technology and safe and efficient operations and management system, we can easily update the content without closing the center. Furthermore, it can make the experience more situational and make the operation management systems more user-friendly.
n  Sustainable experience design capability

Adhering to the innovation spirit of creativeness first and merging technology and art with the Smart City’s advantage of “Orderly development & constant [desire to] keep changing”, we establish O2O interactive experiences, focusing on the content of ductility and experience design to make the experience center more vital.
Customer Benefits
n   Boost smart city and industry development                

Smart City Experience Center is an important carrier when advertising the Smart City during its construction period.
It will promote the use and development of products via an O2O network as well as facilitate the construction of Smart City through a data visualization experience operating system.
n  Build a " government, enterprises , academia, research , part of the" shared display platform
With a creative platform design concept, the experience center is available for an innovative demonstration, enterprise aggregation and resource sharing. It will provide a communication and display platform for government, enterprise, universities and scientific research centers and financial institutions.

n  Enhance City Image
To build a display platform of the city’s image for their Smart City and to expand the brand by using the visual art of science and Smart City design based on space aesthetics.
Case Study

20+ cities worldwide have used iSoftStone to build their Innovation Experience Center
Smart city and emerging industries can achieve cross-border innovation and integration of resources, promote the development of new industries and transfer new innovative technology.

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