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Water Quality Sensor Kit

Our water quality sensor kit provides real time data for pH, DO, Conductivity, ORP and other water quality measures.
ENV Pond Kit

The ENV Pond Kit is for aquaponics, hydroponics, aquaculture and water quality and conservation sensing. We have developed one kit variation with the capacity to work with some Arduino microprocessors and all WhiteBox Labs Tentacle Shields and Atlas Scientific probes.
Kit Configuration
  • The Pond Kit enables rapid development of real-time water sensing using WhiteBox Labs Tentacle Shields.
  • 5V Voltage regulation and capacitors are supplied for use with solar or AC wall wart.
  • 3V-5V Voltage booster is supplied for operation with lithium polymer battery.

The ENV Pond Kit includes the board with headers and bits, mDot microprocessor radio, one WhiteBox Labs Tentacle Mini shield, starter code and an antenna. It does not include Atlas Scientific probes, an isolator circuit a battery or an enclosure.

This product is a simple to deploy LoRa-enabled water quality sensor kit. Anyone — conservationists, water quality engineers, schools and businesses — can monitor real time water quality with our internet connected and radio enabled sensors.

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