Agritecture Design Workshops for Urban Agriculture

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Design workshops which accelerate viable context-based urban agriculture solutions
These 1 or 2-day workshops bring together urban agriculture 'Dream Teams" by matching interdisciplinary professionals such as architects, growers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers, designers, and sustainability managers.

Teams gather together along with a shared mission: to develop a viable “agritecture” concept for the host city. 

The Agritecture Design Workshops comprise of three teams, each matched with the goal of demonstrating creativity, sustainability, and feasibility when integrating agriculture into cities. 
On-site mentors from Agritecture Consulting will guide participants through urban agriculture project planning, hydroponic agriculture, and sustainability. 
  • Proven workshop model with over 10 successful executions in 10 different cities
  • 1 or 2 day options
  • Workshop space needs to be provided by client
  • Catering, time, and travel costs need to be covered by client and vary based on location
  • Starts at $10,000 for one day up to 30 participants

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