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Civy - Online Engagement Platform

A city's dedicated engagement platform, without additional resource or time burden on city's operations.
-        Deployment is cost-effective starting at a monthly subscription of $100/ month.
-        Civy’s software is modular so it can be deployed independently of city’s systems, includes plugins to city’s existing social media channels, and can be scaled on cloud as the users increase.
-        The software’s simplicity makes it secure, and free from privacy issues as both cities and residents own their data and know exactly how the data is flowing, how it is captured and how the city is using it. Civy does not mine resident’s data, does not deploy cross-tracking algorithms, and does not sell or engage in third party advertising on its platforms. 
-        Posting a project is like creating a post, easy and accessible on desktop and mobile devices. A large number of project types and project category selection is available for the city.
-        Feedback from residents for each project flows back to the relevant city department which owns the project such as Public Works.
Features of the platform
-Cities & governments access the platform via a dedicated URL, for example, newyork.civy.co 
-Client has the option to link Civy to its social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter) to enable broader depth and reach to increase community participation.
-Platform includes multiple languages.
-Data is stored on Civy’s cloud service, and data security & privacy is maintained with regular cyber audits in accordance with US data & privacy regulations.
-Civy does not engage with third-party advertisers therefore both clients and cities can maintain confidence they will not receive any unsolicited emails or promotions.
-Platform is mobile accessible, anywhere around the world; and includes email and SMS notifications for all registered users.
-QR Code scans for projects (scanned by residents to provide quick responses).
-Downloadable reports.

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