Urban Agriculture Feasibility Study

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Comprehensive Urban Farming Planning Service
Our urban agriculture Feasibility Studies are comprehensive and include the following deliverables:

Concept Development

We will walk you through budget setting, types of farms, and customers. Here we empower you with numbers, initial modeling, brainstorming, and collaboration.

Market Research

Based on the location and type of farm you've selected, we will connect with farms, supermarkets, and distribution centers to establish accurate data on such things as price points, and customer preferences.

Design & Engineering

In this stage we develop the design and installation plan for your project. Our Lead Systems Designer will develop a 3D model, bill of materials, including: plumbing, electrical, layout, HVAC, processing, and distribution needs.

Economic Analysis

In this stage we create an economic model for your farm. Our Operations Director will assemble an economic analysis including ROI, payback estimates, operational, and capital costs.

  • Everything you need to know to start your high-tech urban farm
  • Ranges from 3-12 months depending on scale
  • Costs range from 3-6% of total project Capex depending on complexity
  • Proven service with over 30 satisfied entrepreneur and organizational customers

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